Buddy Kick – First Days

The very first thing I tasked myself with after purchasing the Buddy Kick was to increase this tiny bike’s presence on the road. Nearly every scooter (and motorcycle) on the market seems to really leave a lot of opportunities in this department. I realize that it may be aesthetically atrocious to some and yes there are laws against more than one primary headlamp on a motorcycle, but also consider the fact that I don’t care. I’d much rather have other motorists see me. : – )

After researching and testing multiple products, I have landed on two choices for head and tail lights.


One of the most important consideration for auxiliary motorcycle/scooter accessories is how much power they consume. A larger motorcycle is more forgiving than a tiny scooter, but they both have a finite amount of power. Some scooters equipped with high wattage LED lighting will blow fuses or worse, regulators and other components.

The headlights I installed are only a few watts and haven’t offered any such drama. I soldered the lights directly to the wiring that supports the main halogen headlamp. This allows the lights to turn on with the bike and be controlled with the high/low beam switch.

The results are phenomenal! They are low profile, sleek and about as stylish as you can get for an auxilary light, and they offer a much needed contrast on the road day and night.

Brake Lights

An effectively bright brake lamp was quite a challenge to find! Nearly every option is tailored to sleek style over functionality. After an exhausting run of Chrome tabs and alternate search terms, I found ONE listing that showed promise.

I had to search for “hunting and fishing flood light” to find it. The Buddy Kick’s rear lighting is also tied into the fuel pump’s fuse and has been known to be sensitive to additional load, however this specific light appears to fit under budget.

Instead of soldering directly into the brake light wiring, I soldered a 5mm barrel jack adapter so that it is easy to remove if need be. The barrel jack is also secured and waterproofed.