SCBR 2023 – Day 7 – Thieves & Pride

The coincidental warning by Blytheville police the evening before outstanding, I had hopes that every citizen would be on their best behavior…

At about 4:00AM on day seven, some local snapped the lock off my trailer and stole two large tote bins containing tools and parts. The truly unfortunate thing was that most of this gear belonged to other riders and the local police station remains oblivious despite multiple high definition stills of the truck and person in action.

A civics lesson mostly for our engineering copilot from Australia

Other than the morning theft accompanied police ordeal, the day was filled with drama-less leisurely travel to the next hotel in Rome, Georgia. Immediately across from the hotel I noticed a pride celebration which was a nice change of pace!

Going on this 8 day adventure means we missed the pride festivities in Minneapolis, so this was a nice little slice of time.

This was Rome’s second ever pride event and most in attendance travelled from Atlanta to show their support.