SCBR 2023 – Day 6 – Beloved Branson

Day six was perhaps the furthest deviation from any of the other riders. Setting sights on Branson, Missouri made for an exceptional ride!

Branson is for sure quirky! Making a day out of visiting various attractions still put us on time for arriving to the next hotel.

I noticed that the official route called for going directly through Harrison, Arkansas which again I have to question the route choice as we navigate 2023. I really wanted to go into detail on why and what happened the days leading up to this but I will refrain. The point is, I made it a priority to ditch this and other questionable areas.

Blytheville, Arkansas is a fairly small but active town. When 150+ scooters show up to disrupt a natural cadence, some people take note. A police officer warned several riders that quote, “Things go missing around here at night…”