The Fleet

Let’s talk about the bikes.

2021 Genuine Buddy Kick (125cc)

Purchased Spring, 2021 from Scooterville MN, this 11 horsepower steed is the primary adventure machine. If casually strolling around the city, I can achieve about 100-110mpg with its 1.4gal tank.

Top speed? About 64mph with the wind on a flat road. The more important question is where its sweet spot lies, and the answer is around 45mph/7,200rpm.

I genuinely (pun) think that this scooter is one of the best in the 125 class. It’s faster than most 150’s, lighter and more city friendly than most, and it always starts on a dime even after sitting in storage for a year.

2021 Genuine Buddy Kick (125cc) (Spare)

The Buddy Kick is so great, I bought it twice!

(This is my spare scooter for the 2023 SCBR.)

I purchased this in Chicago from a lovely owner who only put 450mi on it.

I plan to leverage this bike as my primary/daily scooter after the SCBR.

2021 BMW F750GS

Purchased Spring 2021 from BMW Richfield, this laptop on wheels is equipped with every sort of electronic enhancement and sensor to modify suspension based on ride, lean angle, etc. This results in a soft and cloud-like ride even in extremely rough conditions.

The 853cc engine throws enough power without being over the top, but still sprints when needed.

This bike features heated grips, quick shifter, electronic suspension, ABS, traction control, app connectivity, LED headlights, cruise control, USB power, and keyless ride (similar to wireless keys for cars.)

2021 BMW G310R

Purchased Spring 2021 from BMW Richfield and the first motorcycle in the garage. “It’s better to ride a slow bike fast than a fast bike slow!” I hear that every time I sit on this bike, and every time I open it up I am amazed at just how fun it is!

The nimble 350lb status of this 34hp machine makes it the ideal commuter. It’s the most fun around corners and track-like courses despite the lack of top end speed.