2023 SCBR – One Week Away!

The final preparation has begun!

Pack lists, panic buying, and feeling like I’m not ready at all for the 8 day marathon.

My shakedown rides have been proving very successful and am beyond thrilled to observe an increase in top speed as well as a more stable RPM profile as I steady the ship around 50-55 mph. Before the 3,000 mi service (and final maintenance stop before the Cannonball) I was seeing about 8,500-8,900 rpm @ 55 mph which was less than ideal. We’re thinking it was the combination of a new belt and adjustment to valves that allowed this tiny plastic bike to now achieve 7,200-7,400 rpm at those same speeds. At 60-62 mph I was even seeing a delightful 8,500 on flat terrain!

I’m also trying out another handlebar layout which will hopefully reduce fatigue otherwise comedically referred to as “cannonball brain.” I laminated and clipped a roster of each day’s checkpoints so that I can easily see where I have to be and what photo I need to capture to qualify for daily points.

I was also able to attend one more moto meetup days before packing up the scooter!