2023 SCBR – Scooter Prep – Spring

Spring is [finally] here! Maybe?

I made a few larger purchases including the second GPS. Debating between the more popular Garmin Zumo XT and a Garmin Montana 700i, I chose the 700i based on its ability to communicate and send location updates without cellular networks. It always helps to have an extra SOS insurance policy.

A fun advantage of the 700i is its daylight readable screen!

I also purchased a couple of tire necessities beyond the patch kits, such as a handheld 12V inflator, and a much larger inflator for the truck and trailer tires. I was so eager to test the DeWALT system after purchasing and was surprised at how fast and accurate it is.

I spent weeks evaluating what transportation options would work for the SCBR and any future adventures. Initially set on a transit cargo van, I couldn’t find anything worth it and landed on a Toyota 4Runner and a 5×8 enclosed trailer.

The trailer is snug, but it will do! I wanted a trailer that fit the same tire width as the truck and was easy to handle for the support team. I added mounting points around the frame to support three bikes.

Next up, I found a second scooter for a backup! This was a difficult call…

When working with Scooterville MN on a list of consumables and spare parts, I realized that perhaps the easiest method was to simply bring a clone. If I was riding a Vespa, parts and knowledge would be far more easy to come by on the route. At this point in the registration pool, I am one of only a couple or few who will be trekking on a Genuine scooter.

I picked up the spare scooter off of Craigslist from someone in Chicago who only put 450 miles on it. Perfect condition and ready to go!

This was my first time using a hitch hauler and was super nervous. The hauler worked perfectly and I may purchase one for additional adventures.

Testing the trailer and scooters, I think we have a winner combination!

The weather is finally making progress in the right direction and shakedown tests are proving everything is ready to go!

I even had the opportunity to bring the Buddy Kick to a bike event in North Minneapolis! Of the hundreds who attended, many had questions after seeing the bright red gas can and extra luggage. All were absolutely excited after hearing the true details of the Scooter Cannonball.

One of the final touches, of course, is stickers. Lots of stickers!